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Hi, I'm Holly. Thanks for stopping in. I am a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and a Registered Nurse (RN) in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I also have my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. I love to learn, and will continue to learn. I have over 600 hours of training from Elements of Healing (located in Essex Junction, VT), Massage and Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program. Together, we will work to free any stagnation in your body and mind by using a holistic approach and multiple healing modalities.  Come in for the relaxation, working out of tension and sore areas and let me help you begin recovery from your injuries, surgeries and illnesses. We are partners in your wellness, let me help you achieve balance within your self. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have by emailing me at



I wish to help others understand the importance of reaching balance in their body, mind and soul. Stress is toxic to the body. Stress can come from many sources. Learning what causes your body stress and how to get rid of it is the foundation to your healing. Massage is a basic way to help disburse stagnation in the body. Stagnation is in sense, a form of stress. It blocks the free flow of your bodies energy system. Pain can manifest in many ways in the body such as physical, mental or even emotionally.  Through a variety of alternative treatments and approaches, I work to unlock the potential of self-healing in each client, often seeing improvements from the very first session. Trust my hands and energy, and trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible. Contact me for more information.

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Medical Disclaimer & Legal Stuff

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Not medical advise/Medical Assistance

Any content that Simple Life Wellness & Massage shares, be it online, in print, text, digital, images, audio or video including any other format is shared with the intent to help inform and educate not treat, diagnose, advise or to be taken as medical advice. Said content is never intended to replace medical care. Always seek assistance when needed from your primary care physician or nearest emergency room. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELAY URGENT OR EMERGENT MEDICAL CARE DUE TO ANY OF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE TAKEN IN FROM SIMPLE LIFE WELLNESS & MASSAGE. ALWAYS SEEK NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM OR CALL 911 IF NEEDED IN AN EMERGENCY.


Massage therapy falls under "Bodyworker" in the state of Vermont. Bodyworkers must be registered, but need not be licensed to practice in this state. Please see printed version of information on the Vermont State Bodyworker Disclosure that is hanging framed on my wall at the space.


My credentials are as stated here: My name is Holly Ely and I am a Registered nurse who has been practicing nursing for over 12 years in the state of Vermont, first licensed with the State of Vermont as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse after passing my NCLEX in 2011). In 2019 I took my NCLEX and was licensed for my RN (Registered Nurse) in the State of Vermont. Holly also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from Capella University. I expanded my nursing wellness and massage scope of practice to include intensive study in a from the Elements of Healing’s 600 hour/ten month Certificate Program, which teaches the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine within the context of two effectively therapeutic forms of massage. Amma and Shiatsu which are different in style, but equally powerful healing modalities and I completed said training in July of 2022. 

You can visit these links below to find out more about what actions constitute Unprofessional Conduct (26 V.S.A. Section 5427 and 3 V.S.A. Section 129a. Once you have viewed the actions that constitute a complaint, you can file one here with OPR using their online platform. Complainants may file as a guest, registered user, or licensee—no registration is required, and Complainants will be required to provide the name, address, and phone number of the person they are filing the complaint against; submit a complaint description; upload documents; and provide their contact information, witness information, and a summary of the complaint. Please click here to find more info on how a complaint is filed.

To find out what happens after a complaint is filed you can visit the link here. If you would like to know more about this profession, or to find a massage therapist, bodyworker, or touch professional, visit the following link: All Bodyworkers MUST be registered with the state of Vermont and disclose most all of the information listed above to you in order to legally practice in the state of Vermont.


New clients will be asked to come early to their appointments and fill out some health questionnaire forms to keep on file, as well as treatment forms to best suit your needs and standard legal/liability release forms.


Cancellations/Rescheduled appointments kindly give 48 hours.


Simple Life Wellness & Massage does not endorse any physicians, products, procedures or specific tests. Any information, links, products etc. shared by Simple Life Wellness & Massage are for informational purposes only and we are not paid for our opinions. Use of links to educational or informative content or products that isn't created by Simple Life Wellness & Massage are used/taken at your own risk and Simple Life Wellness & Massage is not responsible for claims of damages by external links, companies or educational resources.


Gross negligence on our part from any treatments done by Simple Life Wellness & Massage that results in death or personal injury will not limit or exclude liability from this medical disclaimer, nor will it limit or exclude liability for fraud. Nor does it limit any liabilities that are not permitted under Vermont law or exclude any liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.

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